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The CrossFit Open | A fitness test like none other

What is this CrossFit Open you’ve started to hear about lately? 

Imagine the NHL in August said, “hey would you like to play with the pros and see if you’re good enough? You get to skate with Connor McDavid, or get hit by Darnell Nurse — yes you’re skating with the pros.” They invite anyone who wants to tryout and you show up. After three weeks of working as hard as you can, the top 25% get to move on. Then, after one more weekend of work, the top 200 people get picked. Now it’s on! Out of those 200 people, 40 get picked for the team that year.

That’s what the CrossFit games season is.

It starts with the Open, where more than 300,000 people take part. 

It’s three weeks of an online fitness competition. Every Thursday CrossFit releases the work out at 1pm MST, and you have until Monday to complete the workout at a CrossFit Affiliate and submit your score online. After three weeks, you can see where your fitness stands against the world’s — and when I say world, I mean it, as well as the pros.

If you find yourself as one of the lucky few to be in the top 25%, you get to move on. And oh yes, there is more coming. You now find yourself in the quarter finals!

This requires another group of online workouts, which are completed over a weekend at an affiliate. You submit your scores again. These workouts get a bit more spicy in skill and capacity. You’ll need to have your ducks in a row for this stage.

Then, if you’re one of the true badass mothers and are in the top 40 men or women in your region — like north America West, or South America, you’re on your way to the semifinals. 

The semifinals take place in person over a weekend competition. If you find yourself in one of the top places in your semifinal ,you get an invite to the CrossFit Games, where only the top 40 men and women in the world get to go. The winner of that is the fittest on earth!

Now after all that, you might be saying, “no way I could do the Open against those people.” Yes you can. The Open is a test to see how your fitness journey is going. It will also show you where you need work, and where your strong points are. After four years of doing the open myself, I’ve seen improvement from being in the bottom 10% to 51% last year. I’m excited to see where I land this year because I’ve made great progress.

Bring it on.

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