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We help busy working professionals regain control of their bodies and build up their strength so they can level up their lives

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What is
Good & Evil

The Good & Evil can be described as the Yin and Yang of fitness. All things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites! The Good is the results you see in your body. The Good is the community within the gym and support you get from others. The Evil is that early morning feeling when you get up for your workout. Evil is that feeling half way through a WOD (workout of the day) when you don't think you can finish. But the Good prevails when you finish!


The daily successes will come with the struggles, but the fight is worth it!

Find the Good in Life and kick the ass out of Evil!


Coach James

Growing up I played every sport I could get my hands on, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Swimming, Track, Water and Snow Skiing, Badminton, Tennis, raced Bikes and so much more. Being active was just part of my life never really needed to think about it. Well for many years I forgot what it was like to enjoy a true active lifestyle like most people and the picture here shows where I was. I blamed work, time and many other things for not being able to do other things. Well thanks to my lovely wife, she got me off the couch and back into the game. I had lost the person I was growing up and in my early years of life. So I found fitness and started my journey back into the light. Now after seeing what it has done for me I feel the need to help others find their way back to life and be the Last To Say No. 

Last To Say No

What is last to say no? Well it's where we all want to be. The last to say no means we want to be better at life! Be prepared to tackle anything life throws at us. Being fit enough to enjoy each and every day. So we challenge you to be the last person to say no to go for a walk or a hike. The last person to say no to mountain biking. The last person to say no to skiing with the family in Jasper. Let us help you reach those goals!

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102-25 Chisholm ave St. Albert Alberta T8N 5A5


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